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Energy Healing

Global health

country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing
country where i work whit remote energy healing

Private office / International Remote Healing

My work can be defined in several ways. I can detect energetic anomalies that influence your physical body, your Soul and your Spirit. I am attuned to the latter in order to modulate it appropriately, which translates into a significant impact on your overall state of health.

My approach is all about respect and ethics, which never contravene or harm anyone seeking an effective alternative way to take charge of their health. I practice without the use of unusual equipment, musculoskeletal manipulation, natural oral supplements or pharmaceutical products.

Energy Healing


Healer and Fire Cutter


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       Collaboration Healer / Doctor


        Lawsuit collège des médecin du Québec


I do not promise a cure or any results whatsoever / I do not suggest taking any medication whatsoever / I will never suggest stopping medical treatment. / You must continue to see your doctor for your health problem. / I make no diagnosis

It's important to understand that I have no medical qualifications and I don't claim to perform any medical procedures. My practice is based on an empirical method that has always been practiced by healers.

The interventions made during the process are spiritual in nature.

Private office

Montreal area, Qc, Canada


Remote healing

1 week intervention 70.*

3 weeks process intervention 200.

*On evualation of the case

Private office + remote healing


country where i work whit remote energy healing


Acute Shingles - Chemical/Thermal Burn - Acute Eczema (Children) Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy for Children

No charge for emergency*

*On avaluation of the case

collaboration doc/guerisseur

Collaboration between Doctor and Healer

Doctor Danielle Tavernier

In France,Thonon les Bains hospital emergency department: Report on the collaboration between a doctor and a fire helmsman to reduce the pain of a thermal burn. Read >>>

Doctor David Servan-Schreiber

<< Physicians use the term "placebo effect" to designate something that is not controlled, that is not effective, something that is in the patient's head. But if the skin heals systematically with the same procedure, even if it has no scientific basis, then you have a real treatment.  Read>>

Delores Krieger, Rn, PhD,

The scientist demonstrated that the energetic interaction between therapist and patient brought about significant and observable changes in blood haemoglobin levels..Read >>>

Medecin school of Harvard, USA... Dr Lawrence COHN

World-renowned surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, and Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, has collaborated for many years with healer Patricia REILLY. This hospital is home to Harvard Medical School, one of the world's most renowned universities..Read >>>

Collaboration between health professionals and Healer/Fire cutter

France Hospital center Saint-Brieuc... of Rodez

France Hospital center Annemasse... of Marseille,

Switzerland Hospital Center ... of Genève

Master's theses and doctoral dissertations


Healers in French-speaking Switzerland, relationship with the medical community... Geneva Faculty of Medicine and Geneva School of Health. The role of fire cutters in the outpatient and inpatient management of burns in Haute-Savoie in 2007… Nicolas Perret.

         Popular Culture on Trial: The Case of Traditional Healers in Quebec

         COFER : Evaluation of the use of fire cutters in radiotherapy as supportive oncological care: a mixed study qualitative and quantitative

         Study of the concomitance between traditional medicine in French-speaking Switzerland and family medicine

         Is being a healer a family affair? The "gift of healing" between transmission and symbolization

college medecin

Jugement CMQ vs Martin Ladouceur


Healer and Social Elite


In March 2022, the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) took legal action against me under the pretext

of "protection of the public" and "illegal practice of medicine".

On June 19, 2023, a verdict of guilty was rendered by the Court of Quebec. Regarding my absence at this trial, I did not receive any notice, by bailiff or otherwise, indicating the date of my trial hearing, which would have allowed me to defend myself. After reading the judgment and the CMQ's arguments,

it is obvious that they used misleading statements to influence the judge's decision.



The period of the Industrial Revolution in Quebec (+-1860) marked the culmination of a new elitist trend imposed by those who pretentiously defined themselves as superior to the general population, by virtue of their knowledge and expertise. Forming themselves into different groups, they granted themselves the power to dictate the thoughts and actions of our society. At the same time, the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) was born. Over the years, this organization has imposed its medical-scientific dictatorship, granting itself the right to dictate a one-way approach to health care. As a result, healers have become persona non grata, representing a threat to this elite.


Although I recommend continuing to see your doctor for health problems, although I do not make any diagnosis or guarantee any results, although I do not prescribe any medication or oral intake, I am accused of practicing medicine illegally. My work is mostly done remotely without seeing or touching the person! With their claims taken to the extreme, they think that only doctors can cure! It's a good thing that this elitist philosophy doesn't represent that of all their members!


Since the CMQ is convinced that this lawsuit will bring me to my knees by stripping me of my property and assets, they haven't yet understood that my wealth isn't material or monetary, since I've been stripped of it... My wealth lies in my soul and in helping anyone who asks me to. I continue to believe in medical collaboration between healers and doctors, as is the case in other parts of the world, with the sole common goal of restoring their health.


Just like my contemporaries who, despite the ordeals, have all remained on their feet and pursued their vocation as healers without flinching, always with the aim of helping. I make it my duty to perpetuate the tradition of healers, and I'll keep on standing, always there to help you.


Thank you!


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